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Staff Data Projects

The Commission gathered data from multiple sources to aid in its understanding of the crisis.

The Story of a Mortgage Security: Inside CMLTI 2006-NC2
Hedge Fund Survey
Market Risk Survey

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In the course of its research and investigation, the Commission interviewed more than 700 witnesses. Recordings or transcripts of many of those interviews have been made public.

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The following graphic files were created by the FCIC to help illustrate a number of issues the Commission highlighted in its public hearings and in its final report.


Underwater Mortgages: Many mortgage holders find themselves underwater; that is, owing more than their homes are worth. This is particularly true in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, and Nevad.


Subprime Mortgage Originations: In 2006, $600 billion of subprime loans were originated, most of which were securitized. That year, subprime lending accounted for 23.5% of all mortgage organizations.

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asset-backed security

Debt instrument secured by assets such as mortgages, credit card loans or auto loans.

collateralized debt obligation

Type of security often composed of the riskier portions of mortgage-backed securities.

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Reports & Fact Sheets

Throughout the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's tenure, the Commission’s staff developed preliminary staff reports containing factual background information on subject matters related to the Commission's public hearings. These staff reports were submitted to the Commission and the public for information, review and comment. They are unofficial reports that do not contain confidential information regarding the Commission's inquiry.

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