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  1. 2009-00-00 FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile First Quarter 2009 (Vol 3 No 2).pdf
  2. 2009-00-00 Mayer-Pence-Sherlund The Rise in Mortgage Defaults.pdf
  3. 2009-00-00 OCC Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities First Quarter 2009.pdf
  4. 2008-11-26 Elizabeth Laderman and Carolina Reid Working Paper on Lending in low and moderate income neighborhoods in California The Performance of CRA Lending During the Subprime Meltdown.pdf
  5. 2008-11-26 FRB Order approving BoA Acqusition.pdf
  6. 2008-11-23 Banking Regulator Played Advocate Over Enforcer (Appelbaum, Nakashima - Washington Post).pdf
  7. 2008-11-23 FDIC staff memo to the Board of Directors re Third Quarter 2008 CFO Report to the Board.pdf
  8. 2008-11-23 Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC on Citigroup (joint press release).pdf
  9. 2008-11-23 Memo to the FDIC Board fromJames R. Wigand and Herbert J. Held re recommendation for systemic risk determination for Citigroup.pdf
  10. 2008-11-23 Transcript of FDIC Board of Directors meeting, closed session.pdf
  11. FDIC Board of Directors Memo re Citi
  12. 2008-11-22 FDIC Krimminger, Thomas, Murton Email Chain - RE Proposed Conduit.pdf
  13. 2008-11-21 FDIC Richardson Email re 11-21-08 Citi Liquidity Call Notes.pdf
  14. 2008-11-20 FDIC Richardson email to Cave Corston - RE CONFIDENTIAL - Citigroup - Deterioration.pdf
  15. 2008-11-17 Letter WF-WACH-003797-3826.pdf
  16. Fedlberg Wachovia Power Point
  17. 2008-11-12 Federal Reserve Board, Wachovia Case Study.pdf
  18. 2008-11-12 Remarks by Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. on Financial Rescue Package and Economic Update (Treasury press release).pdf
  19. 2008-11-11 Heartbreak Hotels (Portfolio).pdf
  20. 2008-11-10 Fannie Mae Q3 2008 10-Q.pdf