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  1. 2008-11-10 Federal Reserve Treasury on AIG.pdf
  2. 2008-11-00 Bar-Gill Making Credit Safer.pdf
  3. 2008-11-00 FRBNY Staff Report- The Federal Home Loan Bank System The Lender of Next to Last Resort.pdf
  4. 2008-11-00 John Taylor - Financial Crisis and Policy Responses (Presented to FCIC 2009-10-20).pdf
  5. 2008-10-22 Fons Testimony (House).pdf
  6. 2008-10-22 FRBNY Email re Morgan, Goldman and Merrill Afternoon Update.pdf
  7. 2008-10-21 In re Vargas.pdf
  8. 2008-10-16 Merrill Lynch 3Q 2008 Earnings Call Transcript.pdf
  9. 2008-10-16 Merrill Lynch Reports Third Quarter 2008 Net Loss from Continuing Operations of $5.1 Billion (Merrill Lynch press release).pdf
  10. 2008-10-14 FDIC plan to free up liquidity.pdf
  11. 2008-10-08 Forbes - Revolver at Their Heads.pdf
  12. 2008-10-07 FRB CPFF release.pdf
  13. 2008-10-06 Nell Minow Testimony Before the House Oversight Committee on the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.pdf
  14. 2008-10-05 Steel Affidvait Re Citigroup.pdf
  15. 2008-10-04 Letter to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform from Joseph St. Denis.pdf
  16. 2008-10-03 Morgan Stanley Liquidity and Financing activity report to the FRBNY.pdf
  17. 2008-10-03 Wells Fargo, Wachovia Agree to Merge - Creating Premier Coast-to-Coast Financial Services Franchise without Government Assistance.pdf
  18. 2008-10-01 State of California 2008 Debt Affordability Report Making the Municipal Bond Market Work.pdf
  19. SEC Deposition of Stanford Lee Kurland
  20. 2008-09-30 Moody's Downgrades Sigma's MTNs to Ca and Not Prime, and Withdraws CP Ratings (Moody's Gl.pdf